SEOprofiler vs. SEMrush

Many customers have switched from other SEO tools to SEOprofiler. If you currently use SEMrush, it might be a good idea to compare the features and prices:

SEOprofiler Smart
SEMrush Pro
Check rankings on Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo & Bing
Google, Bing & Yahoo

only Google
Daily ranking checks
Mobile ranking checks
Number of keywords in ranking monitor 1,000
more in higher plans
more in higher plans
Search depth 100 results 100 results
Check rankings in 160 countries and languages
Check local rankings in all 92,000+ cities and locations that are supported by Google
no location limit

limited to 10 locations
Monitor your own site and your competitors
up to 100 competitors

up to 20 competitors
Get actionable items
Automatic website audits
Automatic check of your pages
Number of checked pages 100,000
more in higher plans
more in higher plans
Web page optimization
Number of pages you can optimize unlimited 500
Number of keywords you can optimize unlimited 500
On-page optimization tools
Link building & management
Sophisticated backlink building tools
Powerful link manager
Contact Finder Pro™
Link Disinfection tool
Link Export 200,000 10,000
Competitive intelligence
Competitive ranking intelligence tools
Competitive backlink intelligence tools
Competitive keyword intelligence tools
Competitive Google Ads intelligence tools
Filters and export
Number of reports unlimited 3000/day
Keyword research
Keyword suggestion tool for 60+ languages and countries
60+ languages and countries

7 languages
Keyword difficulty tool
Website analytics
Google Analytics integration
Website analytics
PDF reporting
Create impressive PDF reports
no limit

limited to 5 reports
Fully customizable white-label reports
no white-label reports
Web-based client reports
Web-based client reports
only PDF reports
Fully customizable white label reports
no white-label reports
Responsive design
only PDF reports
Project management & staff members
Number of projects 50
more in higher plans
more in higher plans
Number of team members 5
more in higher plans
$70 for additional user

SEOprofiler offers a better value:

As you can see in the table above, you get more in SEOprofiler in many tools (more keywords, more users, more reports, etc.). SEMrush has much stricter usage limits than SEOprofiler.

The SEMrush Pro plan above is the least expensive plan that you can get from SEMrush. SEMrush becomes much more expensive if you want more features.

For example, if you want white-label reports, you have to choose the 399.95/month plan of SEMrush. The 99.95 plan in SEOprofiler already offers white-label reports.

If you choose a yearly SEOprofiler plan, you will save 33% (i.e. the average price for SEOprofiler Smart per month will be 65/month). If you don't need white-label reports, our Standard plan might be an even better solution for you. You get more features at a much lower price with SEOprofiler:

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