The Uptime Monitor

The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler makes it easy to monitor your websites and servers. You'll be the first to know when your website is down. In addition, you get details statistics about the availability of your web pages:

the Uptime Monitor

How to add a new web page to the monitor

Adding a new web page to the monitor is easy. Just click the 'Add page' button to get this window:

add a new page

Enter the URL of the page that you want to monitor and then specify how the page should be checked:

That's all there is to it. Click the 'Add page' button and the Uptime Monitor will start to monitor your page. When you add a new page to the Uptime Monitor, the charts will treat the time before you added the page as if the page was online.

How to edit the notification texts

The messages that are sent when a page is down or recovers are fully customizable. Click the 'Edit email notification settings' button at the top of the Uptime Monitor page to get this window:

edit messages

The notification messages can be sent to up to three recipients. You can fully customize the subject line and the message text of the notification messages. Use the tab panels below the 'Sender email address' edit field to switch between the 'failure' and 'success' messages.

You can use the following variables in the message text:

How to get the monitoring details

Click the 'Show details' button next to an URL in the 'Monitored pages' table to get the monitoring details of the page:

Uptime Monitor details

To edit, pause or delete a monitored page, click the small icons in the line above the details.

Uptime Reports in your company design for your clients

Just like all other tools in SEOprofiler, the Uptime Monitor can create white-label reports in your company design.

You can send your customers PDF reports (also supported by the scheduler in SEOprofiler) and you can offer your clients web-based reports so that your clients can check their statistics at any time.

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