AdWords Profiler FAQ

What is the AdWords Profiler?

The AdWords Profiler is a powerful tool that enables you to spy on the Google AdWords campaigns of your competitors:

  • Reveal your competitors' AdWords strategies and their budgets
  • Analyze the ads and the keywords of your competitors
  • Discover new competitors and find new keywords
  • Internationalize your AdWords campaigns

The AdWords Profiler could not find some ads. Why?

It can have the following reasons if the ads of a website could not be found:

  1. The website does not advertise for one of the keywords that we monitor. The keywords that we monitor represent the vast majority of all searches that are done every month. Details can be found below.
  2. The website was not listed when we checked the keyword. If the website did not run ads for the keyword when we checked it, the ad cannot be found in the analysis. If it is listed when we recheck the keyword then the ad will be displayed in the AdWords Profiler.
  3. Of course, it is also likely that the domain does not advertise on Google AdWords.

Although the AdWords Profiler shows most of the ads that a website runs, it does not show every single ad or ranking of a site. Use the AdWords Profiler to get new ideas for your own campaigns.

We monitor nearly all keywords the deliver a significant amount ov visitors:

We monitor the rankings and ads for millions of popular keywords. The top 1,000 keywords account for 10.6% of all searches, and every fifth search is for one of the most popular 10,000 keywords. 20-25% of all queries have never been searched before. This means that any further keyword after the top 10,000 ones belongs to the "long tail." Long tail keywords are very specific keywords that aren't searched very often.

The millions of keywords that we check represent the vast majority of the keywords that are regularly searched on Google and that regularly deliver the most visitors:

checked keywords
  • A: The keywords that we check. These keywords have many searches each month. They account for the vast majority of visitors that search engines send to websites.
  • B: These are keywords with a very low search volume. We do not check these keywords as they aren't searched for very often. These keywords do not deliver a significant amount of visitors.

How reliable is the data?

SEOprofiler servers

The AdWords Profiler offers access to reliable information about the AdWords campaigns of any website. The data of the AdWords Profiler is based on this information:

  • We monitor the keywords that deliver the vast majority of visitors (see FAQ above).
  • For each of these keywords, we have the average number of monthly searches.
  • Based on the position of the ad and the number of searches for the keyword, we can estimate the number of visitors that a website will get through an ad.

The AdWords Profiler database is updated continually. As people can change their AdWords campaigns at any time, the data is only a (continually updated) snapshot of the ads that run on Google AdWords. Although some ads and keywords might not be included in the analysis, you get a comprehensive overview of the Google AdWords ads that your competitors run.

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