The Domain Finder tool

The Domain Finder lets you search more than 250 million domain names. Type in a keyword and find thousands of bloggers and business leads in seconds for your target keywords in any niche:

Link prospects, business leads, bloggers

Finding relevant websites is easy with the Domain Finder tool. Enter keywords that are related to your business in the search box. For example, if your website is about travel, you might want to search for 'travel blog', 'travel insurance', or 'travel news':

The Domain Finder tool.

The results table shows the domains that are related to that topic. Links from these websites will have a positive influence on the search engine rankings of your own website.

Many of these websites can also be good business partners, and/or they can blog about your website.

Full of opportunities

Use the Domain Finder with many different keywords that are related to your business. You will get many good suggestions that will help you to improve your own site.

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