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The starter backlinks

Although Google is continually changing the ranking algorithm, links from other sites remain the most important factor that influences the position of your pages in Google's search results.

We all know that it is quite difficult to get backlinks, especially if you have a new site. That's why we have the Starter Backlinks tool in SEOprofiler. The Starter Backlinks tool helps you to get links from good websites that will have a positive influence on the position of your pages.

Good websites that will link to your site

The Starter Backlinks tool offers a curated collection of good websites that accept website submissions. Note that it is not a directory submitter and it also does not create backlinks automatically!

You have to visit each site and you have to check if your website fits into the category. We omitted the automation on purpose. Only by checking each site manually, you can make sure that you really get high quality links that will help you site.

Automated tools that bulk-submit your site to hundreds of sites will get your website penalized by Google. In contrast to that, the Starter Backlinks tool helps you to get the good links that matter.

680 websites in 23 different categories

The Starter Backlinks tool offers many different websites that cover different topics. Currently, you get 680 websites in 23 different categories:

the new Starter Backlinks tool

Of course, not all of these sites will be a fit for your own site. However, the sites that fit will have a positive influence on the rankings of your website. Use the filters above the list to find the starter backlinks that fit your website best.

Link analysis tools and more

As the name indicates, the Starter Backlinks tool is a tool that helps you to get started. If you want to outperform your competition, the link analysis tools and the link building tools in SEOprofiler will help you a lot. For example, take a look at the Link Profiler tool, the Link Manager, the Domain Finder tool, or the Hub Finder tool.

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