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CSV Export and PDF reports

The data of the weekly website audit can be export in three different ways:

The CSV export file

Click the 'Export' link in the menu on the left to open the export page. Then click one of the buttons to start the CSV file download.

website audit export

The CSV file is zipped. Unzip the file and open it with a spreadsheet application (for example, MS Excel or LibreOffice).

Depending on the file that you choose, the CSV file can have different columns. You can preview the columns on the export page.

The PDF report

You can use the PDF report to show your client or your boss that their websites have to be improved. Click the 'PDF report' link in the menu on the left and then select the chapters that you want to include in the report:

website audit report

Click the 'Create PDF website audit report' button to create a PDF report. If you want to show your boss or your clients the full data, use the web-based client reports.

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