Search Engine Optimization Tutorial


Before you proceed with the next step, make sure that you can tick all boxes in the checklist below:

2 things that you should do:

If you don't do it correctly, you can waste a lot of money with Google Ads ads. It is important that you plan your campaign before you start your Google Ads ads.
Advertising your website on Google Ads and organic search engine optimization complement each other. You should use both to promote your website.

4 things that you should do:

Create profitable ads for your Google Ads campaigns. The ad writing tutorial helps you to create good ads.
Optimize the Quality Score of the keywords in your Google Ads campaigns to get more clicks for a lower price per click.
Test your ads to find the ads and keywords with the highest conversion rate.
Analyze the Google Ads campaigns of your competitors to get new ideas for your own campaigns.

For example, the most often used landing pages of your competitors probably have a high conversion rate, your competitors might use keywords that you have overlooked, etc.

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