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Server uptime matters!

If your website is down, you will lose customers and money. The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler makes sure that you keep downtimes to a minimum. It offers many things that other website uptime monitors do not offer:

  • Website performance monitoring: The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler checks the response time of the monitored web pages. If your web page has slow performance, you will be notified.
  • Mobile website monitoring: How does your website respond to mobile devices? The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to select mobile user agents so that the Uptime Monitor gets the same results as users from mobile devices.

    With the Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler, you can check desktop pages and mobile pages in one project.

  • Googlebot health check: Does your website responds correctly to Google's requests? The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to select the Googlebot user agent. If there are any performance issues when Google's indexing robot tries to access your web pages, the Uptime Monitor will notify you.
  • Page content monitoring: The Uptime Monitor can check the monitored pages for particular words. If these words are missing, hackers might have changed the contents of your website. The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler will notify you when this happens.
  • 1 minute monitoring: Depending on your SEOprofiler plan, the Uptime Monitor can check your web pages as often as once per minute. That is much more often than most other uptime monitors check your site. With the Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler, you will be the first to know about problems with your site.
  • HTTP/HTTPS and HTTP/2 support: Google prefers secure web pages. The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler supports HTTP/HTTPS and HTTP/2.

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External website monitoring: check site availability, check site uptime and monitor the uptime of your site

Site monitoring and server monitoring for everyone

The Uptime Monitor in SEOprofiler makes it easy to monitor your websites and servers. You get alerts when your website is down and you get insights to the performance and functionality of your pages.

The URL monitoring tools help you to check the uptime of your website. Start your website uptime check now:

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