Spy on the website traffic of your competitors

Get competitor website traffic stats

Get the website traffic stats of your competitors

The Competitor Traffic Profiler tool enables you to spy on the website traffic of your competitors. Compare the key metrics of multiple competitors and create reports in your company design for your clients.

How many visitors do the websites of your competitors get? Do these visitors come from ads on other sites? Do your competitors get visitors from social websites? The Competitor Traffic Profiler tool can answer these questions and more.

Competitive intelligence: website analytics stats of your competitors

Compare any website traffic statistics and analytics

The Competitor Traffic Profiler offers a lot of information about the websites of your competitors:

  • The number of visitors
  • Time on website
  • Page views per visitor
  • Bounce rate
  • Share of visitors through direct visits, paid search, ads, links from other websites, etc.
  • Top organic keywords
  • Top paid keywords
  • The most popular countries
  • Traffic from social websites
  • and much more

Use the Competitor Traffic Profiler to get an immediate analysis of the website traffic of your competitors.

Discover the website analytics secrets of your competitors!

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