SEO tool comparison:
Moz vs. Raven vs. SEOprofiler

Many customers have switched from other SEO tools to SEOprofiler. On this page, we have compared SEOprofiler to our main competitors Moz and Raven. Although Moz and Raven also offer good SEO tools, we're confident that SEOprofiler is a better option for you:

Moz vs. Raven vs. SEOprofiler

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1. PriceAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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SEOprofiler offers a better value for the price. The Standard edition of SEOprofiler costs 4995/month and the Smart edition that works best for agencies and professional Internet marketers costs 9995/month. Moz starts at 99/month (199/month, 499/month). Raven also starts at 99/month (249/month). Nearly all features of the competing 99/month plans can be found in SEOprofiler's 4995/month plan.

2. Ranking monitorAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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SEOprofiler and Moz offer a ranking monitor, Raven doesn't. The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler, however, supports many more keywords (1000 instead of 300) and only the ranking monitor in SEOprofiler offers actionable items, alerts and opportunities. Moz monitors the first 50 results for each keyword, SEOprofiler monitors the first 100 results for each keyword.

3. Automatic website auditAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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SEOprofiler automatically checks your web pages for broken links, duplicate content, canonical issues and all other errors that can cause problems with search engines. Moz checks only up to 20,000 pages of a website (in the 499/month plan), whereas SEOprofiler can check up to 25,000 pages (in the 99/month plan). In addition, the audit tool in SEOprofiler checks more error types. The audit tool of Raven checks only 1,000 pages per website.

The website audit tool in SEOprofiler also checks script and image links and it can check links to external sites. In addition, the tool in SEOprofiler analyzes the robots.txt file of your site and it enables you to create an XML Sitemap for Google and Bing.

4. Web page optimization toolsAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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Some on-page optimization tools are available in all three SEO tool providers. Only SEOprofiler offers a full set of on-page optimization tools that covers all aspects of on-page optimization (see comparison table below).

5. Link buildingAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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Backlinks are still the most important ranking signal for Google and other major search engines. Backlink analysis tools are offered by all three. Only SEOprofiler offers additional analysis options that parses the data so that you get backlinks by category, hub sites, starter backlinks, etc.

Raven and SEOprofiler also offer a backlink manager (Moz has no backlink manager). The backlink manager in SEOprofiler offers more features. For example, it checks the backlinks of all websites in the list. RavenTools only checks a subset.

Only SEOprofiler offers a professional contact information tool that finds contact information for any website: emails, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, phone & fax numbers, etc. and provides a contact history for every website.

6. Competitive intelligenceAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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Spying on the campaigns of your competitors can help you to improve your own SEO campaigns. While Moz, Raven and SEOprofiler offer backlink analysis tools, only SEOprofiler also enables you to spy on the Google AdWords campaigns and the organic Google rankings of your competitors.

You will get the ads that your competitors use on Google AdWords, you get the keywords for which your competitors advertise, you get the keywords for which your competitors have organic rankings, etc. With SEOprofiler, you get the functionality of KeywordSpy and SEMrush for a fraction of the price that these services charge. Moz and Raven don't have that functionality at all.

7. Social media checkerAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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SEOprofiler checks the mentions of your company on social media sites, blogs and forums. It also checks the number of likes and tweets of your web pages. This functionality is not available in Moz or Raven.

8. Keyword researchAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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SEOprofiler offers a complete suite of keyword research tools, including a keyword suggestion tool (with searches, results and competition), a keyword difficulty tool, keyword optimization tools and much more. Moz and Raven offer only some of these tools and many tools aren't available at all at these companies. SEOprofiler supports 25 different languages.

9. Website submissionAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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SEOprofiler offers submission tools that help you to submit your website to search engines and directories. Moz and Raven don't offer that functionality at all.

10. PDF reportsAdvantage: SEOprofiler

Advantage: SEOprofiler
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All three SEO tool providers can create PDF reports. The PDF reports in SEOprofiler are fully customizable with your own colors, your company logo, your headers and footers, etc.

Moz and Raven only allow you to add your company logo and some text. The customization options in SEOprofiler are much more advanced.

11. Comparison table

The following table compares all features of Moz, Raven and SEOprofiler:

SP Smart
Moz Raven SP Standard





  Projects 5 - 50 10
Ranking monitor
  Check rankings on Google, Yahoo & Bing no
Number of keywords in ranking monitor 300 no 1,000 500
Search depth 50 results no 100 results 100 results
Alerts no no
Opportunities no no
Get actionable items no no
Website audit
  Weekly audit
  Number of links and pages 50,000 10,000 50,000 20,000
Web page optimization
  On page optimization no
  Readability checker no no
Link building tools
  Backlink analyzer
Get backlinks by category, etc. no no
Hub finder no no
Backlink manager no
Link manager links - 50,000 50,000 10,000
Backlink optimizer no no
Link opportunity finder no limited
Starter backlinks no
Automatic backlink check no limited
Contact information finder no
Competitive intelligence
  Competitor backlink spy limited
Competitor Google AdWords spy no no
Competitor Google ranking spy no no
Social media checker
  Check social media mentions no limited
Check likes and clicks no
Analyze Twitter followers no
Website submission
  Automatic search engine submission no no
Submission to article directories, etc. no no
Website analytics
  Integrates with Google Analytics no
Submission to article directories, etc.
Keyword research
 Keyword suggestion tool no
Keyword difficulty tool no
Competitor keyword spy tool no no
AdWords keyword optimization tools no no
PDF reports
  Create PDF reports
White label reports limited limited no

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