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We have been helping businesses succeed since 1997

SEOprofiler is a cloud based Internet marketing software tool that helps business owners to get higher rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing.

SEOprofiler is the main product of Axandra GmbH, a company that has been developing Internet marketing solutions since 1997. Axandra GmbH developed the first website promotion tool for Apple Macintosh computers, one of the first pay per click optimization software tools and the extremely popular SEO software tool iBusinessPromoter (IBP).


André Voget
President, Lead Software Engineer, Co-Founder

Thinks that any business can get more customers through search engines if it has the right tools. He's organized, efficient and gets things done. André likes to develop new tools and to test new techniques. He and his wife have two kids.

Fun fact: likes to hike in forests.

Johannes Selbach
CEO, Product Development, Co-Founder

Internet marketing and cutting-edge tools are his passion. Believes in constant change and improvements. Thinks that complicated things should be made easy for customers. Johannes likes music (piano/ukulele) and tai chi. He and his wife have a son.

Fun fact: coach of a kids soccer team.


Main office:

Axandra GmbH
Nordring 21
D-56424 Staudt


SEOprofiler.com products are sold by:

8 E. Figueroa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Digital River/SWREG Inc.
10380 Bren Road West
Minnetonka MN, 55343

International fax: + 1 425 7327-791 (USA)
USt-IdNr.: DE204741670

Registered at Amtsgericht Montabaur, 6 HRB 6339
Executive directors: André Voget, Johannes Selbach

Customer support:

  1. Login to your SEOprofiler account (free accounts are available).
  2. Select "Private support" in the "Help" menu.

If you have questions or comments about a link from the SEOprofiler website to your pages, click here.

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We maintain a sophisticated technical infrastructure to offer you the best possible data

The technical infrastructure that is needed to offer you our detailed backlink, ranking and AdWords databases costs us several thousand dollars each month. With SEOprofiler, you get accurate data that is not available on other websites.

A sophisticated backlink database system with the freshest links

We save the freshest 200,000 backlinks of each web page. All backlinks in our database have been found during the last 90 days. This has several advantages:

  • All of the links that you find with SEOprofiler are active links.
  • You save time because you don't have to deal with outdated data.
  • You get the links that really influence the position of a website.

You get many more backlinks than with other tools

Saving 200,000 backlinks per website sounds like a limit but it's not. You actually get more backlinks than with other tools. For example, MajesticSEO analyzes a maximum of 25,000 linking domains per report. Our backlink analysis tools analyze up to 200,000 linking domains per report:

Number of analyses Help Linking domains per analysis Help Allowed domains Help CSV download Help
Free Paid Free Paid Free Paid Free Paid
SEOprofiler unlimited
8x more
6.6x more
no limits
6.6x more
Majestic SEO 1 max. 150 max. 25,000 max. 25,000 your own all no max. 10,000
OpenSiteExplorer 3 unlimited 10,000 10,000 all all no 10,000
Ahrefs 3 max. 500 10 max. 30,000 all all no max. 30,000

Source: pricing pages of the websites

If you see more backlinks in another link analysis tool, it is very likely that the backlink number that is displayed on their website is not the number of links that you can actually access. Other tools also limit the number of domains that you can analyze. With OpenLinkProfiler, you can analyze as many domains as you want.

In addition, the tools in SEOprofiler also show you the industry of the linking website and the category of each individual link. That information enables you to get a much better overview of the links that point to a website.

A unique backlink database

We use our own backlink crawlers to find new backlinks on the Internet. We host many terabytes of data and we employ hundreds of servers to offer you the most accurate, most detailed and most up-to-date link database.

Our web crawlers continually visit web pages and index the links on these web pages. New backlinks are added to our database every 5 minutes. You get access to a unique backlink database with SEOprofiler

With SEOprofiler, you can concentrate on the really important links. That means that you will save time and that you will get results more quickly.

SEOprofiler servers

We do the work, you get the data

  • Hundreds of web servers continually search the web for new links, rankings and ads.
  • Our backlink and ranking databases are several terabytes big.
  • Our databases are continually updated and extended to make sure that you get accurate and actionable data.
  • We maintain a sophisticated technical infrastructure to make sure that your business gets the best possible information.

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  • Ranking monitor: Get detailed ranking checks on Google, Yahoo and Bing with actionable items.
  • Website optimizer: Reliable website optimization. Get high rankings for your keywords.
  • Competitive intelligence: Get the most detailed competitive backlink, ranking and AdWords analysis.
  • High quality backlinks: Get great backlinks with powerful backlink buildings tools and a sophisticated link manager.
  • WOW! reports: Impress your clients and your boss with comprehensive white-label PDF reports.
  • Fully compatible with Google's new algorithm: SEOprofiler works with Google's latest October 2015 algorithm.
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